ECO Plus

ECO Plus

The EcoPlus offers an economic automatic lubrication solution for many applications like smaller wheelloaders and mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, road sweepers and for instance loader cranes or buses.  The unique cartridge concept sets the EcoPlus apart from any other 2-grease automatic lubrication system in the market.  Not only does it make refilling a very easy job, it also guarantees the right grease quality and specification for the equipment, guaranteeing less repair and maintenance and longer life of critical components of your equipment.

The EcoPlus offers exactly the right balance between size and grease quantity.  With compact dimensions of 9.26 x 6.50 x 11.4 inch, there is always room to be found to install the pump onto the machine.  The 1.7 litre cartridge, however, offers the right grease volume to meet the lubrication needs and larger service intervals of modern compact machines.  The EcoPlus is available with a strong 12 or 24 Volt electric motor and features an 8 mm (0.32 inch) pump element as a standard, providing 0,26 cm3 (0.16 in3] of grease per cycle.  A second pump element is available as an option, offering the possibility of creating an independent second lubrication circuit.  The EcoPlus also features a low-level indicator as a standard, as well as a pressure switch.

The easy to program timer with integrated LCD display with intuitive touch pads makes programming of the system extremely easy.  Lubrication intervals can be set from 1 to 300 minutes, while the grease volume is defined by the number of revolutions of the pump rather than by a pre-set timing.   As a result, the EcoPlus supplies exactly the right grease quantity over a wide temperature range, independent of the viscosity of the grease.  The number of pump revolutions can be programmed from 1 to 99 revolutions per grease cycle, which together with the forced stroke of the pumping elements result in an incomparable accuracy.

The EcoPlus features a unique 1.7 litre cartridge, containing Greenlube NLGI 2-grease of the highest quality and the right specification for the most demanding applications.  The cartridge is easy to replace without getting dirty.  Verification of the correct functioning of the system is simple due to the easy-to-read pressure indicator.  As always the right grease is being used, due to the cartridge concept, Groeneveld offers 3 years warranty on the EcoPlus greasing system. 

With its great value for money in terms of performance and uncompromising quality and reliability, EcoPlus guarantees a perfect match with the greasing requirements of smaller machines and vehicles, as well as equipment such as loader cranes.  The system ensures that automatic greasing of transportation vehicles and busses, light industrial machines and smaller off-road machines yields a good return on investment, even with a limited number of greasing points.  Frequent greasing in metered quantities ensures maximum greasing effect and minimum grease consumption.  The benefits: reduced operating costs as a result of reduced maintenance and downtime, as well as increased life of expensive machine components. 

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