Twin XL

Twin XL

For the the larger eath-moving equipment, Groeneveld has introduced the Twin XL.  A compact automatic greasing system with higher ouput and an extra large grease reservoir.  The Twin-3 XL is made from solid coated metal and has a capacity of 18 litres (20 kg) class-2 grease.  The Twin XL is ideal to meet the demands manufacturers and users of earth-moving and construction equipment.

The Twin XL version offers all the advantages associated with the Groeneveld Twin-3 dual-line system but with a higher reservoir capacity.  The system thus works under relatively little pressure, which retains the quality and structure of the grease.  Furthermore, optimum greasing of all greasing points is realised thanks to the two simultaneous lines. The patented volumetric system also enables very accurate dosage at each greasing point.

Unlike progressive systems, the Groeneveld Twin-3 system also operates in extremely low temperatures and when there are larger distances between the pump and the lubrication points.  This means the Twin-3 XL is suitable for larger machines, like large wheel loaders, dump trucks above 50 tonnes and for excavators above 60 tonnes.  However, the 20-kilo can also be used for smaller machines, with the advantage that grease reservoir needs to be filled less often and, depending on the grease consumption of the machine, does not need to be filled at all in the period between scheduled maintenance activities.

Twin-3 XL has a built in control unit which controls the operation of the pump and controls and monitors the progress of the greasing process.  The system is also characterised by a display in the cabin, which is used to monitor the system operation.  Potential error messages are indicated via a letter and number combination.

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