Groenevelds answer to the demand for compact greasing systems.

Even modern vehicles with a reduced number of greasing points need extra greasing service between major services.  You can eliminate this costly waste of time with XS, Groeneveld's compact greasing system.  XS meets the increasing demand for compact greasing systems for low-maintenance trucks, trailers, forklifts and many other applications.  Even if greasing is limited to, for instance, just the king pins or the fifth wheel, XS makes automatic greasing profitable.

XS offers the same functionalities that larger greasing systems provide; however, the construction has been optimised.  The compact housing contains the pump, the timer or brake counter, the metering units, and the exchangeable grease cartridge.  The benefit: greatly reduced installation time which ensures lower investment costs when compared to conventional greasing systems.

XS consists of a single unit with either a pneumatic or electric pump.  As soon as the compressed air, the electrical power and the greasing points have been connected, the system is operational.  The cartridge is easy to replace without getting dirty.  Verification of the correct functioning of the system is simple due to the easy-to-read grease pressure indicator on the XS unit.7

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