Steering motors

Steering motors

Danfoss Steering units have come to be known as the industry standard steering unit. Copied many times, but never bettered.
With all Danfoss hydraulic steering units, product safety, reliability and performance are integral to the design.

In a world that demands the highest standards of safety and operator comfort, a low noise level, responsiveness, and smooth light steering are just a few of the benefits of Danfoss steering units.  Danfoss steering units are available in many models and with a variety of integrated valve functions.  

Below is a brief chart displaying the main characteristics of each model.

Model Main characteristic Steering type cc/rev min. cc/rev max. Pressure in bar
OSPB No integrated valve CN; LS; LSR; ON; OR 50 1000 210
OSPC Integrated valve CN; LS; LSR; ON; OR 40 500 210
OSPC EFU Electronic Follow-up LS; ON 40 250 210
OSPD Dual displacement LS; LSR; ON; OR 60 440 210
OSPF Quick response LS; LSR 40 400 210
OSPL Large displacement CN; LS 520 1200 240
OSPM Small & compact LS; ON; PB 32 100 125
OSPU With flow amplification LS; LSR 58 500 210

For more information please click here or on the above model codes.