CFR are a specialised solutions provider of electric vehicle components and drive systems.  They design, development and manufacture their own electric motors, electric motor-pumps and motor in wheel units.  CFR maintains the highest industry standards including: ISO 9001, RoHS Compliant, Reach Policy, European Machinery Directive, and CE as applicable.


DC motors are built with H class insulated wire copper in conjunction with rotor winding impregnation by epoxy paints and resins.  This guarantees high strength and reliability at up to 155° C winding temperature. Motor types include series, compound, shunt and separately excited wound field motors with powers ranging from 100W up to 20,000W and voltages from 12V to 96V.


Permanent magnetic motors have enclosure ratings from IP 20 up to IP65, power from 100W up to 8,000W and voltages from 12V to 96V.


AC 3-phase asynchronous motors are produced for battery operated vehicles.  These can be produced with protection ratings from IP20 up to IP65.  These motors work well and can be tuned with many different electronic controllers to optimize efficiency.  The AC motors have a built in thermal sensor for monitoring motor temperature and are normally supplied with a 2-channel speed encoder.  Power ranges from 100W up to 40,000W and voltages from 12V to 96V.


The electro-hydraulic pumps consist of an electric motor and pump.  The motor can be AC or DC and the pumps supplied are normally gear type.   Different motor windings are available making the units suitable for different applications like steering, lifting and traction.  Powers range from 100W up to 40,000W and voltages range from 12V to 96V.


Gear motors consist of DC or AC motor and a planetary gear box.   They are available with drive end flange and motor shaft suitable for direct mounting on the gear box or with standard IEC connecting flange of the motors.  The gearboxes are low-noise, low gear backlash, high efficiency, grease lubricated and can be mounted in any position.   They are available with 1, 2, 3, 4 stages of reduction and on request, can be supplied with an electromagnetic brake or shaft extension.  Output torques range from 8Nm up to 300Nm and operating temperatures from –10°C to +70°C.


Motor in wheel units are produced with low operating noise gear box, minimal envelope radius, and compact design in mind.   They can be supplied with a horizontal or vertical motor, with or without a power steering package.  The motor can be DC or AC.  On request, tyre can be supplied with shaft extension for encoder application and special plates.  All models can be supplied with a turntable bearing.  The tyre can be rubber, polyurethane, vulkollan or non-marking tyre.


For more information please contact one of our offices and a member of our sales team will be able to assist you.

For more infomation please contact our sales team.