MP1 Closed Circuit Axial Piston Pump

MP1 Closed Circuit Axial Piston Pump

The Danfoss MP1 is the next evolution in closed circuit axial piston pumps.  No matter what industry you serve MP1 pumps offer the performance needed for today's small- to medium-sized equipment.

Right fit for your application: The MP1 is a modular pump.  Flexible enough to fit hundreds of applications in an easily integrated package.

The modular advantage: Best-in-class modularity offers built-in flexibility through common platforms and components. Easy and quick convertibility means less overhead and the ability to win profitable market share.

Clean side & short length: The MP1 is designed with a true clean side (no customer interface).  It offers an integrated loop flush (28/32cc only) providing greater flexibility in component placement.  MP1 also has one of the shortest component lengths in its class.

Efficiency: Industry-leading rotating kit technology ensures your machine operates at its maximum potential efficiency, lowering total cost of ownership.

Precision: The patent-pending servo guide rod along with durable tapered roller swashplate bearings provides low vibration and precise machine control. This allows for reliable, predictable, and safe machine operation.

Variety of control options including: Electrical Displacement Control (EDC), Mechanical Displacement Control (MDC), Hydraulic Displacement Control (HDC), and Electric 3-position control (FNR).