A progressive grease lubrication system suitable for use with class-2 grease and without the disadvantages of standard progressive systems has led to the TriPlus, specially developed for vehicles with complex bodywork structures having differing lubrication requirements, independent of one another.

The Triplus system consists of a pump with between 1 and 3 outlets, to which progressive distribution blocks are connected.  Each outlet is individually managed by the control unit.  The interval time and the quantity of grease to be supplied in each cycle can be separately determined for each outlet.  The grease delivered to the progressive blocks is then distributed across the lubrication points in a manner determined by the block composition.  The control unit determines the lubrication timing for each outlet, and monitors the entire process.  

TriPlus has been designed for multi-purpose and biodegradable NLGI2 grease types and is available with 3, 4 or 8 litres reservoir. 

The standard pump equipment features a follower plate which follows the grease level.  It prevents oxidation of the grease as well as funnelling of the grease within the reservoir, while the reservoir wall remains clean.  The actual grease level can be seen immediately.  Because of this follower plate, the TriPlus is excellently suited for use with biodegradable greases.

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