PVG 128/256

PVG 128/256

For the most demanding applications, only the highest flow and the highest pressure will do. The PVG 128 & 256 are built to take control with up to 500 LPM per section supplied with up to 1200 LPM pump flow.

Rock-solid control and optimum safety are more critical than ever when it comes to the biggest applications and the heaviest tasks. This new proportional (pre-compensated) load-sensing valve series can easily be built together with PVG 32 and PVG 16 making it easy to build a valve that is adapted to the flow needs of the most demanding application.

Machine benefits

  • Smooth load-independent flow control for optimum productivity and precise operation
  • Energy-efficient load-sensing technology for maximum safety and a long system life
  • CAN bus control for lower installation cost and increased diagnostics

Product features

  • Optimized for lower pressure drop and higher efficiency
  • Compact sectional platform solution for easy integration with PVG 16 and PVG 32
  • Compact design, easy installation and serviceability 
  • Individual LS A/B relief valves ensure energy efficient, safe and reliable operation
  • Mechanical actuation as default on all valve sections
  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Electrohydraulic actuators PVE (Ratiometric, 0-10V, CANbus) as well as PVHC (High Current PWM) actuators

Application opportunities
Go with the PVG 128/256 and optimize work functions on Cranes, Mining & Drilling rigs and Marine applications like winches and bow thruster.