Custom manifolds

Custom manifolds

Custom hydraulic system manifolds (also called Hydraulic Integrated Circuits or HICs) consolidate and optimise machine control functions.  They can be attached directly to steering units, pumps, and cylinders to shorten the hydraulic flow path and boost performance.  This improves hose routing and reduces the number of hydraulic connections, which in turn reduces hydraulic leakage. 

Hydraulic manifolds are flexible, compact, vibration-resistant, and reliable.  Multiple control functions can be combined into a single manifold with the use of multi-function cartridge valves.  Valve replacement or upgrading can be done easily and conveniently with little or no down time. 

Every HydraForce manifold is 100% circuit logic and hydraulic function-tested to a documented customer/product-specific test procedure.  Manifolds produced at our U.S. and U.K. facilities conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Certified Standard.  HydraForce will also mount customer specified fittings or other components not of their manufacture on request.

Single cavity housings are also available in a variety of port sizes from 7/16 - 20 UNF - 2B to M42 x 2,0 -6H for industry-common valve cavities.  Anodized aluminum housings are rated up to 240 bar.  Steel and ductile iron housings are available in select sizes from for high-pressures up to 345 bar.

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