PVG 120

PVG 120

For the most demanding applications, only the highest flow and the highest pressure will do. The PVG 120 is built to take control.  Rock-solid control and optimum safety are more critical than ever when it comes to the biggest applications and the heaviest tasks.  The load-sensing PVG 120 is a combined directional and flow control valve made for high flow, high pressure demands.  Key features and benefits available with the PVG 120 include:

Smooth load-independent flow control for optimum productivity and precise operation.

Energy-efficient load-sensing technology for maximum safety and a long system life.

Low internal leakage for optimum control.

Open-center and closed-center versions suitable for use in systems with fixed or variable displacement pumps.

Combinable with PVG 32.

PLUS+1® Compliant, electrohydraulic PVE actuator.