PVG 100

PVG 100

The flow-sharing technology of the post-compensated, load-sensing PVG 100 is ideal in systems where flow demand regularly pushes supply to the limits.  The PVG 100 can distribute flow to multiple machine functions proportional to their load and flow requirements.  As such, when demand exceeds supply each function remains up and running – on proportionally less flow.  In the face of tougher emissions laws, there really is no better way to improve performance with less power and reduced energy consumption.  The new PVG 100 High-Flow post-compensated valve raises port flows with less work - pump margin of 15 bar - and lowers the return pressures. PVG 100 high-flow options meet the increased demands for high efficiency and high-flow solutions.  Key features and benefits available for the PVG 100 include:

Flow sharing for optimum controllability and user-friendliness.

Load-independent flow control for precise operation and improved productivity.

Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system lifetime.

Modular design, which can be combined with PVG 32.

Post compensated flow sharing valve.

Open spool-ends for mechanical actuation.

Optimized return flow characteristics, which minimises pressure loss.