Danfoss Sensors

Danfoss Sensors

Danfoss temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system.  Many of the sensors in Danfoss broad range are PLUS+1 Compliant − contributing to precision control systems on all kinds of mobile application. 

Heavy-duty pressure transmitter:

This heavy-duty pressure transmitter is specially suited to hydraulic applications where cavitation, liquid hammer or pressure peaks may occur.  The transmitter has an integrated pulse-snubber and is available in six sizes ranging from to 2.5 to 600 bar.  The PLUS+1 Compliant pressure sensor compliance block is designed to provide a measured output in PSI, Bar, or as a percent of the blocks operating range related to a given input voltage.

Temperature sensors:

Danfoss supplies thermistor-type liquid and air temperature sensors with a range from 50 to 125°C.  The resistance of the sensing element is a function of the measured process media temperature, where the relationship between measured temperature and sensing element resistance is non-linear.  The PLUS+1 Compliant temperature sensor compliance block is designed to provide a measured temperature output related to a given resistance.