Lodar remote controls

Lodar remote controls

Lodar Industrial Radio Wireless Remote Controls do exactly what they say.  By using a remote radio wireless transmitter they will allow a winch system, or any other Industrial application, to be remotely controlled up to 1000ft/300m away.  It is worth noting that Lodar remotes are not limited to a single function, remotes with 20+ functions are possible.

The receiver is mounted by the winch (or application) and receives signals from the radio wireless transmitter, subsequently operating the solenoids or valves – instantaneously.  No more damaged winch control cable.

Common features incluide:

  • Operates up to 200ft/60m (9200 series).
  • Operates up to 1000ft/300m (9300 series).
  • Function interlock.
  • Instant remote performance.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Surface Mount components.

Transmitter features:

  • Red button turns off receiver.
  • Green button turns on receiver.
  • Internal aerial - compact transmitter.
  • Self coding - no switches to set.
  • 16 million codes for safety.

Receiver features:

  • "ESR" monitors all outputs.
  • Clear waterproof box to IP67.
  • Visual diagnostic LED's.
  • RS232 programme facility.
  • Solid state switching at 15amps.
  • Suitable for 12 or 24 volts.
  • Overload protection at 15amps.

Lodar has been designed to comply with all relevant safety and machinery standards.  Lodar uses 'Watchdog' circuits, which will automatically remove power from all the output stages in the event of a malfunction.

For instruction manuals and additional information please click here.