Test Equipment



Webtec are specialist manufacturers of hydraulic measurement and control products helping to improve the productivity of heavy machinery.  Some of the product range available is listed below.

Flow Condition Monitoring:

  • Hydraulic flow indicators, transmitters & switches.
  • Multi-purpose flow monitors, transmitters & switches.

Portable Test Equipment:

  • Hand-held dataloggers & sensors.
  • OEM custom hydraulic test kits.
  • Portable hydraulic testers (Built-in readout).
  • Portable hydraulic testers (Separate readout).
  • Pressure gauges, hoses, test points & kits.

Test Stand Instrumentation:

  • Gear flow meters.
  • Hydraulic data acquisition systems.
  • Panel mount readouts.
  • Pressure, temperature & speed sensors.
  • Turbine flow meters & loading valves.
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