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Special offer ! - Superwinch 'Winch2Go' on sale at €290.00 + VAT.


At home, on the road, on the trail, at the track, at the boat ramp - anywhere you could use a pull, the Superwinch 12V Winch2Go is ready.  Pulling 4,000lbs (8000 lbs for double line) the Winch2Go has everything you need.  The four bolt holes in the winch base can be used to permanently mount the winch or you can just use the included straps to secure the winch for a pull.  All your winching gear, in one easy tackle box, Superwinch's Winch2Go comes with 3 shackles, two straps, one pulley block (capable of pulling up to 8,000 lbs), handheld remote, 10' battery leads and official Superwinch leather gloves.

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