Oil management systems

Groeneveld oil management systems

Groeneveld oil management systems

The Groeneveld "Oilmaster" replaces the manual checking and replenishment of oil between oil changes.  This innovative product ensures problem-free oil management, reduced maintenance costs, decreased oil consumption, less downtime, consistent oil quality and lower environmental impact.  Oilmaster is used on combustion engines in the on-highway and off-road sectors as well as stationary equipment. 

The primary benefit that Oilmaster provides to drivers is additional convenience.  Adding oil while on the road - something that always leads to dirty hands at inconvenient moments - is definitely a thing of the past. Oilmaster offers maintenance staff and management more comfort in the form of increased security.  Risks of major repairs, downtime and claims for damages due to engine damage are, in fact, reduced to a minimum.  

Oilmaster monitors the oil level when the ignition is switched on and automatically adds oil when necessary.  Because of the monitoring frequency and the addition of oil when required, the engine can always run at the perfect oil level.  In general, this level is substantially lower than the maximum level mark on the dipstick.  

The Groeneveld Oilmaster rapidly increases financial benefits, especially when expensive oil is used.  And of course, the environment also profits from the minimal oil consumption.

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