Speed limiters

Groeneveld speed limiters

Groeneveld speed limiters

The Groeneveld electronic speed limiter leaves engine power fully intact, while setting a maximum speed and/or rpm.  Due to its digital electronic control, the speed limiter operates smoothly and highly accurately.  The limiter also takes changing circumstances such as downhill, uphill and head wind into account, without the driver noticing anything.  

A speed or rpm limiter offers several benefits which include the following:

  • Saves fuel costs. 
  • Saves maintenance and repair costs of brakes, engine and tyres.
  • Increased road safety Increased driver comfort.
  • Reduces burden on environment In vehicles with Power Take-Off (PTO), limiting the second engine rpm is generally possible.  
  • All Groeneveld limiters feature a speedhold switch which allows temporary limitation at a second, lower, top speed.

 Groeneveld also offers a high-tech solution for forklift speed limiting.

Safety considerations and legal provisions are usually instrumental to the purchase of speed limiters.  For years now, Groeneveld has supplied rpm and speed limiters that meet all international standards and test requirements. 

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