Cape Clear Storm Gates:

Complete custom power packs design and build. 2 x power-packs, one for each ram.  Each ram operated one gate.  The rams weighed approximately 3 tons empty and were approximately 450mm bore by 5M stroke.  Each power-pack featured a duty and standby system consisting of two 18kW motors driving an 80cc Kawasaki pressure compensated pump.  All site and pack pipework was 316L TI stainless steel to suit the harsh marine environment.

Radial Stacker:

Complete custom power-pack and hydrostatic drive system for radial stacker.  Drive system was controlled using Danfoss Plus+1 controller and Plus+1 compliant pumps.  This machine now operates in Liberia loading iron ore onto bulk carriers.

Large Hydrostatic drive systems:

Hi-Power have designed and built many hydrostatic drive systems, primarily using our Danfoss product range.  Below is another example of a large mobile dockside hopper that has a complete system provided by us.  Designed to be durable and easy to maintain, and controlled via an Elca remote control, these 150 ton machines are as easy to drive as a toy car.