Aluminium gear pumps

Aluminium gear pumps

All Roquet hydraulic gear pumps designed to maximize life, efficiency, and minimize noise.  Roquet hydraulic gear pumps are tested with oil at 100% load to guarantee their high performance, and subject to a thorough cleaning process to ensure very low contamination levels.  Roquet hydraulic gear pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications given their high life and performance.

The Roquet aluminium gear pumps are available in a series of body sizes.  

The M series has displacements 0.33cc to 1.33cc up to 225 bar.

The L0 series has displacements of 1.0cc to 6.6cc up to 275 bar.

The L series has displacements of 4.0cc to 26.6cc up to 275 bar.

The PLA series has displacements of 18.0cc to 56.0cc up to 250 bar.

The PLC series has displacements of 53.33cc to 150.0cc up to 225 bar.

All aluminium gear pumps are available with a variety of front flanges and ouput shafts including tapered, parallel and splined versions.  Process connections include threaded, diamond port, square port and flanged depending on the size pump required.  Tandem versions of pump are also available and different size series can be mixed.

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