How to size a heat exchanger

How to size a heat exchanger

Example of how to choose a heat exchanger.

Proceed with sizing the exchanger, with a knowledge of the data as the example below shows:

Power to dissipate : 19,5 [KW] ISO VG 32

Oil flow : 90 [Ipm] Oil input temperature : 60 [°c]

Ambient temperature : 30 [°c]

Fan operating with an electric motor 230/400V-50Hz.

You can then calculate the specific heat exchange power KW/°C if you know the power to dissipate and the T (the difference between the oil input temperature and the ambient temperature).

Note the oil flow (90 Ipm) and specific exchange power (0.65 KW/°C), product research is made by referring to the graph in the catalogue which is relevant to each model.

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